Wooden constructions

Wooden constructions:


Wood houses

We build wood structured houses, with high lagging, layered wood carpentry and wooden floors, with short completion period.

Villas, Wooden Chalets

You sometimes feel the need to get away from your daily routine, from the noisy crowded city. You dream of peace, fresh air, breathtaking views. What can be better than a wooden chalet?

Garden Cottages, Tool Shed

A nice yard cannot lack a tiny coquettish garden cottage, very useful to shelter things that no longer fit in your house.

Gazebos, Pergolas, Wooden Terraces

Gazebos, wooden terraces to expand relaxing space or beautiful pergolas for a nice view, just the way you want it.

Wooden garages and wooden domes for cars

Choose to protect your car! We can fastly build a wooden garage, and in small prices! We offer you garages or wooden domes for one, two or three cars, or even bigger!

Layered wood carpentry

Doors and windows of layered wood, with low-e double pane glass.

Various wooden constructions

We are waiting for you to provoke us, even if it is a wooden stair, interior decorations, wooden fences or some others that require experience and passion in shaping wood

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