About us


Our company, founded in 2004, is an order based system, following the clients' house project and his requirements.

Our team is formed around a family that it's been in this industry for decades. We are all a big family and we try, throughout our work to bring joy to the thousands families that contact us, and bring them closer to their dream house.

Company's profile:

We build wood houses, villas, garden cottages, garages and wooden domes, gazebos, terraces, garden furniture, layered wood carpentry with double glazing.

We use resinous wood, especially spruce. This wood is dried till it reaches a level of 12-14% humidity, then several protection layers are added: antiseptic, antifungical and anti UV. If asked for, we can also add fireproof protection, using water-based protective ecological liquors. For joint elements we use only bolts and metallic connectors.

We have works in our country, but also outside the borders, in Italy, Spain and Denmark.

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